7 Tips For Choosing Dog Food

Choosing dog food can be confusing down right confusing. Due to the large number of companies offering products, and the seemingly endless variations like regular adult, adult light, and senior dog formulas. Here are seven tips for choosing dog food.
1. Company Reputation
One way to quickly narrow down your options is to buy from a company you have heard about. Many generic brands you have never heard about but often see on the grocery store shelves often have inferior ingredients.
2. Quality Ingredients
This one goes along with the company's reputation. A company with a good reputation generally put high quality ingredients into their products.
3. Primary Meat
The first ingredient on the label should be a meat. If it is some type of grain, then find another product. Quality dog food should be well over 50% meat, some people say up to 75% should be made of meat.
4. Primary Carbohydrate
Most companies use corn as the primary carbohydrate in their products because it is cheap and easily available. However brown rice is often a better choice because it is much easier for dogs to digest.
5. Dog Preferences
You could have the best pet food in the world, but if your dog doesn't like it, it doesn't matter how nutritious it is. Try out several brands and see which one they prefer.
6. Dog Life Stage
Try to find a product that matches your pet's life stage. If they are less then one year old, feed a puppy formula, if they are older then 5 to 7 years of age, feed a senior dog formula. There are even products for small breed and large breed dogs.
7. Veterinary Recommendations
When choosing dog food, its always best to talk to your veterinarian. They probably have a very good idea of which formulas are best for your pet.


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